Good questions inform, great questions transform. 

 ~  Ken Coleman  

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Part 1

Am I the young lady in the pictures?

Absolutely! I am 100% real and would never pull a bait and switch on you. I have an active social media presence on Twitter (@XOEricaStJames) and Instagram (@MsStJamesXO), where I post my daily activities, upcoming tour schedules, and OnlyFans, where I post steamy photos/videos. 

Do you have/accept testimonials?


As of 2021, I accept tasteful testimonials of our dates via Private Delights only. I am also verified on P411 for your reassurance. If you would like to provide a testimonial after our date, please email me beforehand and submit your testimonial to Private Delights.

Part 2

 May I use you as a reference?


Yes, you can! If you happen to have a membership on P411, I will happily verify you on there. Please be a suitor that I have seen within the last 6-12 months of our date.

I filled out your booking form/emailed you my request. So why haven't I heard back from you?

Since I have academic & professional commitments outside of Erica, please allow me to respond within 48 hours. If I have not replied within my 48-hour timeframe, please politely email me again. 

Inappropriate/rude emails will not be responded to. ​I will not tolerate unprofessional communication of any kind.

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Part 3

What do you look for in a suitor?​​

I look for suitors who emphasize respect and thoughtfulness. Your race, religion, orientation, size, or physical disabilities do not influence my decision to see you.

*As of 2021, my minimum age for suitors is 25+*

I am nervous about meeting you.  What should I do to prepare?


Just bring your fabulous self, and I will do the rest to make you feel at home! My goal is to provide a space to be yourself and create the best memories of your life.