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Am I the young lady in the pictures?

Absolutely! My active social media presence includes a brand new Twitter (@meeterica__xo) and an Instagram (@experience_ericaxo), posting my daily activities and upcoming tour schedules. I also have an OnlyFans, where I post steamy NSFW photos/videos. 

Do you accept/have reviews? 

As of 2023, I only accept reviews via Private Delights. Occasionally, I will accept reviews from The Erotic Review (TER ID: 347837). I am also an active, verifiable companion on Preferred 411 (P269049).


Before submitting your review to Private Delights or The Erotic Review, please let me know beforehand if you want to provide a tasteful review after our date.

May I use you as a reference for another Companion? 

Sure! If you happen to have a membership on Preferred 411, I will happily verify you there. Please be a suitor I have seen within the last eight months of our date.

 Why have I not heard back from you?

Since I have outside commitments, please allow me to respond within 72 hours. If I have not replied within my 72 -hour timeframe, please email me again. 

I will not respond to incomplete or inappropriate/rude emails.

What do you look for in a suitor?​​

My kind of suitor is a person who emphasizes respect, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. Your race, religion, orientation, size, gender, or physical disabilities do not influence my decision to meet and build a connection with you.

*As of 2023, my minimum age for suitors is 25+*

I am nervous about meeting you. What should I do to prepare?

Just relax, take a deep breath, and I will do the rest to make you feel at home! My goal is to provide a space for you to be yourself and create the most amazing memories that you'll look back on.

Where are you located?

I do privately host in:

Midtown East/Times Square in New York City


Near West Side in Stamford, CT

Whenever I visit different cities, I do have a private location available to host. 

For traveling to you, I am only available to travel to established hotels at this time.

Do you like Couples/Duos? How about Female Clients? 

Absolutely! As a bi-sexual/romantic cis woman, I enjoy being with a beautiful woman and being a third for an openly intimate couple.

For duos and trios, I have a select group of girlfriends I trust and recommend joining you and me. For more information, inquire via email 

What makes you the Happiest in this life time? 

What makes me the happiest is when :


  • I am surrounded by family and friends

  • Relaxing on a gorgeous, sandy beach with a book and a refreshing drink.

  •  A juicy piece of Porterhouse steak with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus is in front of me (Filet Mignon is overrated!) 

  • Participating in an activity (e.g., sky diving, helicopter ride) that takes me out of my comfort zone. 

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