Upcoming Visits/Availability Schedule

Whether in the Big Apple, the Windy City, The Hub, or the Nation's Capital, I enjoy being on the move. Check here to see when I will be in your city or my availability in New York City & Stamford, CT!


I am available for Train/Fly Me To You if you do not see your city listed.



New York City (Midtown East)/ Stamford (Near West Side)

New York City (Midtown East):​

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 

10 am - 7:00 pm

Stamford, CT (Near West Side):

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

10 am - 5 pm


**Prebooked/Extended dates are highly prioritized** 


Washington DC

I will be returning to the District this Fall/Winter Season

**Advanced Bookings are highly encouraged! 

Train Me To You: Available All Year Round. 

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Chicago (River North)

I will be making my return to the Windy City this August to celebrate my graduation. *Very Limited availability!*

Dates: August 22-24

**Accepting pre-bookings and deposits from Friday, July 29th until Friday, August 19th** 

Extended/Advanced bookings will be highly prioritized. 

Fly Me To You: Available all year round. 


Boston (Downtown Crossing)

I have decided to return to Bean own this coming September!

Dates: September 19-21 *Limited Availability* 

Advanced bookings are highly prioritized 

*Train Me To You: Available All Year Round 

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