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Why Hello,

I am Erica, the fun-loving, endearing sweetheart with a devilish streak. I have the face of an angel with voluptuous curves made for sin. Standing at 5'6, with fair and supple skin, one glance will leave your heart racing. My magnetic smile and kissable lips will feel like you've tasted the forbidden fruit. 


When meeting me, my lovingly radiant personality will perk you up like a cup of coffee on a sunny morning. As a young woman in her late twenties, I have a wide variety of interests. My favorite pastime is reading classic novels and dipping my toes in investing and the Stock Market. However, a day wandering in an art or history museum followed by a phenomenal meal is my ultimate escape from reality. I like to keep my style sophisticated yet simple, making me your perfect counterpart from an intimate dinner to a casual business lunch. 

My companionship is for the refined gentleman (or woman) looking for the ultimate package. What is the ultimate package, you ask? Caring and empathetic, alluring with a million-dollar smile and a genuine intrigue for you. I would love to get to know you more over a glass of champagne (or whatever you like). Now, are you ready to unwind?




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