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I had followed Erica for quite a while on her various social media platforms. The only thing standing in our way was geography. Seems we just weren't in the same cities at the same time. I was finally fortunate enough to be able to get to Washington DC to meet her in person. The person that I was attracted to from her photos, videos, and posts was exactly the person that I met. Actually, I should say that the person I met was even better than the one online. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and special, and everything seemed to flow effortlessly from there. We went out for a nice dinner and a walk around town afterwards, and the conversation was like we had known each other for years. I especially liked how we held hands, and she even stole a few kisses along the way. Anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with this beautiful lady should consider themselves very lucky. I know I do.


Washington DC (August 2019)

Ms. St James. Where to start. Well, she has come to my city 3 times in 5 months and I have made it a point to see her each of the 3 times. Her communication skills are unmatched. She will guide you every step of the way. If you do have a question she will answer them in a timely and professional manner. When meeting Ms.St James, you will be blown away. Her smile, her charm, her beauty, her presence, and her kindness. She is wise beyond her years. She is very intelligent but down to earth at the same time. Every single thing about her! Whether it is coffee, lunch, or dinner, you will not be disappointed. Meet Ms. James! You will meet a friend for life!


Chicago (May 2019)

I had been following Erica on Twitter for some time & totally enjoyed her tweets. When I saw she was visiting Chicago around St Patty's Day, I immediately reached out with my screening info. She got back to me quickly after checking my references and we set up a date. She was the main reason I visited Chicago for the first time since I moved away in '99! When I got to her hotel room I was blown away by her beauty. From the first moment, she treated me like royalty. I had brought Prosecco for us to drink while we got to know each other better. Our private time was out of this world! I had such an amazing experience with Erica and I definitely plan on seeing her again. Erica is such an easy person to talk to and very knowledgeable about all sorts of subjects. A very classy lady to see!!!


Chicago (March 2019)

Erica is a wonderful combination of bombshell and sweetheart. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease while at the same time creating a delightful atmosphere of seduction. We talked, we played, we ate great food. We had a blast! She introduced me to a great burger joint and our play time was the stuff dreams are made of. I will be dreaming about our time together for a long time.


Washington DC (February 2019)

I first noticed Erica on Twitter…drawn in by her captivating smile. Once we connected online, I immediately discovered what a beautiful, warm and real person she is. Interacting with her on social media made me feel as though I was talking to an old friend I’ve known for years. I knew I had to spend time with this beauty, so I decided to connect with her while she was in town. I must say, that will be a hard decision to top for 2019. Erica is everything you could imagine – engaging, interesting (and interested), positive, genuine, sensual and passionate. She’s outwardly shy but deviously naughty. Our time together was utterly fantastic but flew by much too quickly. I suppose that’s what happens when you get lost in those beautiful eyes and her dangerously luscious curves. An unforgettable experience for sure. Definitely looking forward to the next time Erica is in town.


Chicago (January 2019)

When meeting Ms. Erica for the first time I was blown away. She is such a sweet, kind, tender-hearted person. Her attention to detail and her communication skills are unmatched. She is both physically and mentally stimulating. She is down to earth.  After meeting Ms. Erica for the first time, as soon as I saw her prebook for her next trip I put in my request. If you do decide to meet Ms. Erica and she grants your request, you will not be disappointed.....


Chicago (January 2019)

I met Erica on Twitter and was immediately drawn to her beautiful smile and contagious personality. We developed a good friendship over a few months of interacting with each other on social media. When she decided to tour in my area I jumped at the chance to book time with this sweet lady. Let me just say that spending time with Erica in person was everything that I expected and more. A beautiful lady with such a loving heart and a radiant personality.


Charlotte (August 2018)

Erica is a real treat, down to earth, loving provider. She and I had become close on Twitter and she has always been there for me when I’ve had questions to much-needed guidance. She helped nurture me into the suitor I am today. Meeting her in person was the next natural step and when the opportunity arose, I’m sure glad I took it.


Washington DC (August 2018)

Erica's warm smile greets you as you walk through the door, the same smile you've seen many times in her tweets. A warm hug. Some laughs. Incredible conversation. Holding hands. A kiss, then another ... then ... Let you imagination do the rest. You will lose track of time on a date with Erica as you'll be engaged, turned on and enjoying yourself. She's a riot to play with, listens, communicates well and is a wonderful entertainer. At the end of our date, she gave me a short note as I left that thanked me for spending time with her. Of all the ladies I've met, nobody has been that thoughtful. It was very touching. But that's Erica. Her warmth and friendliness shine through during your time together. See her and you'll have a great time!


Chicago (July 2018)

Having had the pleasure to spend time with Erica, I can only describe it as a truly unique and lovely experience.  Feeling at ease as soon as we met and realizing the wonderful woman I've come to know over social media was the same beautiful and awesome person who was now standing in front of me, greeting me with her stunning smile and a warm embrace.  Erica is a unique blend of wit, charm and raw passion.  Conversing with Erica is an absolute joy.  Her passion for life will keep you invigorated and will cause you to lose track of time.  Erica is absolutely beautiful inside and out and leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in getting to know her in person.  I cannot think of a better ray of sunshine to grace your day than Erica.  The time you spend with Erica will never be enough. She is an amazing woman in so many wonderful ways.


Atlanta (May 2018)

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