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The Guidelines

Money is in exchange for my time and companionship only. Any event that may or may not happen is between two consenting adults of legal age and is not compensated or requested. Inappropriate or rude behavior (e.g., haggling, sexual harassment, verbal beratement) will terminate our communication and association with one another.

Discretion & Respect

The sexiest attributes that draw me to a man/woman are good manners and respect for others. Like any other significant person in your life, please treat me with the utmost respect. I have no problem fulfilling all your needs and desires. However, please treat me like a human being as I do towards you. 

Discretion is one of my top priorities during our time together. Therefore, when meeting me (public or private), please arrive with your patronage in an unsealed greeting card or envelope without me asking/mentioning it.


Incalls: You may leave your donation outside the bathroom and excuse yourself. I will not ask for or take your investment unless otherwise.

Outcalls: You may leave your remaining investment on the bathroom sink at the beginning of our date. I will excuse myself accordingly.

Public: Upon meeting, you may give me the remaining investment in a discreet gift bag.

Health & Cleanliness

Before our date, please shower, brush your teeth, and have clean hands/fingernails. If you are in a rush, I am more than happy to prepare a lovely shower!


Upon arrival, please immediately wash your hands. I will provide hand soap and hand sanitizer in my private space. 

If you are not feeling well, I highly recommend rescheduling our date.


Deposits are an excellent way of showing me that you respect my policies and are excited about time together. Therefore, I will require a non-refundable deposit as a confirmation for all my dates (consistent and brand-new suitors). 

25% deposit  ~ 60 min - 12+ hour dates 

Deposits can be made via CashAppYouPay, American Airlines/Amtrak Gift Card (direct), Amazon Gift Card (direct), or Bitcoin/Ethereum. 


I understand that life throws us curveballs that can be out of our control. Please notify me immediately if you cannot make our date. 

48+ hours ~ Your deposit will roll over towards your next rescheduled date. 

In less than 48 hours ~ I will require a 50% cancellation fee. 

If I cancel our date due to an emergency or last-minute occurrence, I will refund your deposit as soon as possible.

*Please do not combine your deposit with your cancellation fee. These fees are separate.*  ​

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