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- My considerations are non-negotiable. I prefer them to be in the form of cash in an unsealed greeting card upon arrival.

- Verification is a requirement, not optional. I will not confirm a date unless you complete the verification process. All information will be in confidence.

- Upon arrival on our date, you must present a form of identification to verify yourself (ie. drivers license, work ID, passport) to ensure both of our safety. 


As a young woman who takes great pride in her appearance, I like to be freshly clean and pristine. I do request that you shower, brush your teeth and have clean hands & fingernails before our date. If you are in a rush, please let me know ahead of time so I can prepare a nice shower for you accustomed to your liking!

Boundaries & Respect:

 Communication, respect, and comfort is 100% key to me. Any rude/unscrupulous behavior will result in the conclusion to our date in which gifts, patronage and/or deposits will not be returned. If you do request for an environment that I consider to be unsafe, I will decline the date immediately. 

*Deposit Policy:

I do require a deposit for all of my dates (regular and brand new suitors). Deposits are great way to keep your place in my calendar and excited about our date.

 10% deposit  (CashApp/Amtrak or American Airlines Gift Card/GiftRocket) ~ 90 min - 3+ hour dates (Prebooked & Short Notice)

 25% deposit (CashApp/Amtrak or American Airlines Gift Card/GiftRocket) ~ 4 - 24+ hour dates, Fly Me To You & Pre-booked dates (a month or more.

*Cancellation Policy:

I understand that life can happen at unpredictable circumstances. For cancellations of any kind especially last-minute cancellations, I would appreciate that you would give me 48 hours in advance. If you do cancel our confirmed date in less than 48 hours, then I will require 25% of the donation.  If you decide to cancel our confirmed date in less than 24 hours before our date, I will require 50% of the donation.

 If I take your deposit and have to cancel the date due to an emergency or last-minute occurrence, I will gladly refund your deposit as soon as possible.


*Please do not combine your deposit with your cancellation fee. These fees are completely separate.*