Image by Raimond Klavins

HAPPY December !

Happy December, my loves! It's the season of the holidays and spending time with those you love (and naughtily) admire. Now that Winter is on its way to becoming the season of cuddles and making the sweetest of memories, we can look back on how 2022 has treated us. For me, 2022 has been a year of joy, yet many unprepared changes. I finally graduated from graduate school after five years on top of having to help family members road to recovery after a life-changing surgery (with one more down the road). Relationships (professional and private) have been tested and created. Finally, I have been putting in my mental well-being so I can be the best version of myself for you all. Regardless, I would not be here without your support and understanding throughout this year. For that, I thank you so very much. Here are a few updates about my availability in New York City, Stamford, CT, and travel plans to Boston.

December 2022 Updates 

  • I will continue to be available for in-person dates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in New York City and Stamford, CT, for December! My availability times will remain the same from 10 AM until 7 PM. If you would like to schedule your time with me in NYC or Stamford, CT, please email me ( or fill out my booking form on my website. *December is slowly booking up! Please do not wait for your chance to meet or reunite with me*


  • As for Boston, I have officially landed my incall for my December visit. My availability will be limited during this visit if I must return home to attend to my family obligations. My visitation dates for Boston are as follows:


December 19th until the 22nd (Downtown Crossing)


I am currently accepting pre-bookings and deposits until Sunday, December 18th. Pre-bookings will receive top priority in my calendar. The sooner the booking, the higher the chances you finally meet (or reunite) with me! Please email or fill out my booking form to pre-book your date with me. *My trips to Boston are nearly rare. Please be mindful when contacting me about booking time with me*

  •  I have added brand new photos from my latest shoot this past November to my portfolio! To check out and admire me in my beautiful form, head on over to my Portfolio: November 2022 section! I genuinely hope you like them!

  • Finally, recently, I have had the unfortunate experience of having my emails being sent into the Spam folders instead of inboxes of potential and returning clients for my potential and returning clients with email addresses outside of Protonmail. I advise clients to create an encrypted email account to keep our communication secure and ensure our correspondence is never missed.  

    • In the event clients choose not to create a Protonmail, I will be creating a booking email, specifically for Gmail and other emails outside of Protonmail. ​